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When you can’t compete with a girl it makes you feel like shit,
Shes prettier than you,
Older than you,
A flirt and perfection,
You stare at the mirror to look at each imperfection on your body,
You may love a boy and he does too,
What if shes better?
Shes got a personality just like you,
Great to be with just like you,
The nightmare is happening,
Shes a living perfect being of what you are arnt,

She’ll soon have the one thing that makes you happy…just like you.

babe, no. just no. you’re one of the greatest people i’ve ever met. some random slut is no competition of yours. i promise. i’ll also help you jump her, just for fun. xoxo


In short, FUCK the notion that girls are “clingy” and “needy” because they fucking said hi to you or texted you first or expressed any emotion around you or talked about their problems with you. Girls are not “thirsty” for not playing stupid texting games and responding to a motha fuckin text…

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